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Salute to Seniors: Kelly Bradford

Kelly Bradford: Co-founder of Management Society

Members of the Management Society pose with their faculty advisors Photo by Ed Brennen
Management Society members, from left, Kelly Bradford, Yulisa Wu Liang, Dennis Patel and Monserrat Flores pose with faculty advisors Olga Tines and Michael Beers during an event on sexual harassment in the workplace last fall.
After co-founding the Management Society and helping it grow over the past three years, Kelly Bradford isn’t just handing the reins to new student leaders – she’s giving them a road map for success. Bradford, an Honors College student, created an organizational guide for her Honors project to help future Management Society members with operations and continuity.

“Instead of spending a lot of time figuring out how to do everything, all that information is in the guide, so they can focus on making their events even better,” says Bradford, a Littleton native who noticed early on in her UML career that unlike accounting and finance students, management students didn’t have an extracurricular society of their own.

As co-vice president her junior year, Bradford helped the Management Society host or co-host a half dozen events each semester, including a seminar on sexual harassment and workplace conduct that drew more than 80 students last spring.

“It feels good leaving behind something that will help students who are interested in the management concentration going forward,” says Bradford, who has landed a full-time human resources position at Columbia Care – an opportunity she learned about from former Management Society co-vice president Anastasia Clark ’18.

“I’ve had incredible opportunities through the school,” Bradford says. “If you want to do something, you can. And everyone will encourage you to do it. I’m very glad that I did it.”